[Part 2/4] How 1 YouTube Video Make An Easy $150/day

Chapter #2: Create Perfect Videos

How do you describe a perfect video in your words?


According to me, if i may creatively define a Perfect Video for YouTube:

It is nothing more than a user engaging video with extreme relevancy.

I know there are a lots of other things like video quality, run-time and all that stuff.

But all these things are second priority and can be done like with a push button.

Hope you’ve understood how to go with your video making.

Now why do you need a perfect video?

I don’t think i still need to answer this question, but only for you guys…

Because “User Experience” is everything.

If your viewer is happy with your video content then trust me no one can stop you to be on 1st spot.

  1. I will be honest with you here.

You can do as I did by creating a Flickstr video to make an easy buck.

If you don’t know what Flickstr is, CLICK HERE to see it in action:

It’s free and you can generate a cool video including text and images.

I wish I could show you my Flickstr video, but I really don’t want to lose the income.

I know you’re an honest people, but still I don’t want to risk.

Anytime I share my profitable video, somehow it goes down.

The above option is for new marketers.

But you will make more if you could record a screen capture video with your own voice.

Just like this:

You don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to.

Honest review that was made by a human being goes a long way.

I will be doing a ton of videos like this in the future.


Chapter #3: Video Optimization

We need to do somewhat about same things for our video to optimize it for YouTube.

These are very simple things which need to be done.

Let me show you one by one.

Change the name of the video to your keyword, by simply doing right click on the video and using “Rename” option. Then go to the properties, again by just doing right click and reaching “properties” on the menu.

Now go to the “Details” tab and fill all the boxes with the name of your video.

#1. Video Title

The first and foremost signal for YouTube to check what your video is all about, is the title of your video.

A major factor for YouTube SEO.

What to do with this?

Include your keyword once in your title

Try to use attractive title.

By using attractive title, you can get maximum Click Through Rate (CTR).

#2. Video Description

Time to tell a little more about the video as YouTube is too dumb to look what’s inside.

Yes! YouTube can’t see what’s inside your Video.

To give better understand of the video and its content to YouTube we use description.

In the description, I usually like to:

  • Write at least 200 words of unique & descriptive explanation. I like to summarize what the video is about (don’t ever stuff it with your target keyword).
  • Add some external links to websites and social profiles.

This can help you to get your Video Featured in “YouTube Suggested Videos”.

This is your video’s communication with the search engine.

I should better say “conversation” with YouTube’s search algorithm.

#3. Video Tags

I usually want to laugh when someone says tags have nothing to do with ranking a video.

Video Tags are relevancy signals for YouTube.

And remember, I have mentioned earlier that relevancy is one the major consideration while creating perfect video for YouTube.

Wouldn’t it be crazy that you upload a video and ask YouTube?

“Hello Miss YouTube….! I have uploaded a video now it’s your turn to figure out what exactly it relates to. 🙂 ”

Well, that was a joke’s part but still making a clear sense.

It’s a kind of hurdle you need to get rid of. Do use cool and relevant tags.

They are used for Classification.

We can explore two different ways to find tags quickly…

  1. Own Tags

Just like the name of this heading suggests, you have to find tags for your video on your own.

Let me give you an example:

You have a video related to “YouTube SEO” and you want to add some tags.

Firstly you can brainstorm on your own to think of some relevant keywords like “Video Ranking”, “How to Rank YouTube Videos”, “SEO for YouTube Videos” and “Ranking YouTube Videos” etc.

Secondly you can use Google suggest & YouTube suggest for this.

Let the search engines help you out.


Simple! Put your main keyword in search box and it will show you long tail keywords.

You can also use my (“_”) sign trick for more suggestion.

By doing this you’ll have some good amount of tags related your video.

  1. Competitor’s Tags

Don’t know how you gonna consider this heading. I mean isn’t it a kind of stealing.

Well at least I can say tags are not copy-righted. It is more like spying than stealing.

Anyway let’s look into the method as we are looking forward to grab some cool video tags.

In this, we have to steal the tags of our Competitor who promote HostGator as well.

But How?

Here is quick walk through:

  • Install TubeBuddy Chrome Extension.
  • Type your main keyword into YouTube search.
  • Click on top 5 ranked videos
  • Click “tags” in TubeBuddy to view competitor tags
  • Copy and paste these into your video’s tag place.

Isn’t it too easy?

#4. Video Thumbnail

In case you don’t know what it is?

Thumbnail is the display picture of your video.

The more engaging and attractive it is, better are the chances for the user to click on it.

So, do some experiments to create most attractive thumbnail for your video.

This can help you to get Awesome CTR.

And who can deny?

High CTR = Higher Ranking

It is also a strong user engagement signal for your video.

You can use these tools to create eye catching thumbnails.

  1. Photoshop
  2. Canva

This chapter was a little like On Page SEO which is done if you’ve understood these things.

OK, now that you’ve got your video uploaded, this is where the real stuff begins.

Most people will leave a video like this and expect for views and income to somehow magically appear.

Well, in my opinion video promotion and link building is one of the most important things.